What do we do?

Our mission is to bring people together by challenging and developing their perspectives using our tested pedagogy with editorial cartoons. Based on over 10 years of experience, we have learned that change and sustainable decision-making processes all start with one’s imaging and conceptualisation of a topic. Editorial cartoons allow such a process of conceptualisation.

The Next Movement (ANBI/not-for-profit) works together with cartoonists, organisations, embassies, universities and schools, governments, museums, businesses, (groups of) individuals and youth worldwide to develop and challenge different perspectives regarding social issues.

In our programmes:

  • We use the pedagogy of critical cartoons to start the process of imaging/
    conceptualisation – challenging one’s own perspectives, exploring ideas and solutions for real social issues, and engaging in a global online debate
  • Our programmes are known to activate people and challenge competencies in skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, dialogue, inquiry and reflexivity - often allowing people to bridge the gap between us/them divides.
  • Programmes vary from an entire education series, interactive activities for your website, online/offline exhibitions, your own virtual newsroom and virtual discussion groups regarding a subject or issue of your choice.
  • For all programmes we work together with our global network of cartoonists by turning the ideas of participants into professional cartoons, giving the credit to the idea-sharer. The universal language of cartoons becomes a gateway to dialogue and exploring ideas and solutions.
Michel Moro Gomez, Afghanistan

Key elements for every programme

  • Engaging in social and global issues
  • Cartoon Art
  • Interactive
  • Dialogue
  • Global Interconnectedness
  • Empowering
  • Inviting impact

Every programme works on the following competencies

  • Critical thinking
  • Reflexivity
  • Awareness of one's personal position in a global world
  • Developing perspectives and ideas about the future
  • Creative imaging and thinking
  • Understanding of various cultures
  • Inquiry and dialogue skills
We are a unified identity - Ali Rastroo, Iran

Possible topics can be:

Innovative economy

  • Models & Suggestions
  • Basic income
  • Donut economy
  • Corporate Social Responsibility


  • Youth Participation
  • Ed for 21st century
  • Peace Education
  • Youth Participation

Global Health

  • Rethinking pandemics
  • Equal access to health


  • Climate crisis
  • Sustainability
  • Renewable energy
  • Natural resources


  • Human rights
  • Migration
  • Global-Citizenship
  • E-Democracy
  • Civic Space


  • Surviving -> Thriving
  • Mental health
  • Identity Compass
  • Gender

Programme packages

We love to make tailored programmes suited to the needs of your organisation, your community, young people, a particular subject or a discussion theme.

Within 48 hours we process your request and deliver your content, tailored by our best
cartoons artists and educators.

As you can see, the programmes offered vary widely and are flexible to cater to your needs. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We know that different places and organisations have different needs.

Package content

  • Continuous access to cartoons on request , regarding current
    affairs or specific themes of your choice. Within 48hrs of each
    request new cartoons will be added to your virtual space
  • Continuous access to a personal online newsroom , on our global
    platform with your logo, including:

    • Engagement with our network of cartoonists – human rights
      defenders worldwide
    • Virtual gatherings with dialogue leaders and moderators.
      Dialogues and themed conversations/masterclasses can be
      organised upon your request of topic
    • Publishing space for your project with possibilities of
      comments and voting/likes within the online community
  • Content-material to use The Next Movement Cartoon method for
    activities, meetings, session

Suitable for

This package is of high interest to all organisations and partners who

  • Want to use the Next Movement method of working with cartoons frequently, having a 48hr guarantee of receiving new and on-request cartoons concerning current affairs.
  • Want to have continuous presence and/or engagement on the global platform in line with their own agenda of addressing social issues
  • Want to integrate developing and exploring different perspectives and new conceptualisation into their work.

Package content

  • All of the above for the full duration of your project or programme
  • A Next Movement facilitator and educator is available to fully facilitate your programme online or offline

Suitable for

Popular among embassies, NGOs and businesses, for particular projects to engage youth or a particular community.

Package content

  • All of the above for the full duration of your project, including a ready-to-go lesson series .
  • Lesson series/interactive activities can be tailored for formal (schools, universities) and non-formal (youth organisations, museums) settings, including ready-to-go scripts for educators and youth workers, corresponding slideshows and hand-outs
  • All lesson series can be fully facilitated by our educators

Suitable for

Great for museums, youth organisations, businesses who want to engage youth or schools and universities.

Used to offer additional support to educators in a time of virtual teaching

Package content

  • We organise and facilitate online/offline dialogue sessions regarding developing and challenging different perspectives . We facilitate the process of conceptualisation around various social

Suitable for

Often requested alongside our programmes for bringing people together, online or offline, to allow bringing a project to the next level

Package content

  • Tailored exhibitions of the world’s best cartoonists
  • Online and/or offline for your project, organisation or community.
  • Published on our global platform, with your own personal online newsroom with your logo.
  • Full access to engage the online community with your exhibition, including options for interactive activities, comments, votes and hosted virtual gatherings and debates.

Suitable for

A great way to engage in the field of supporting human rights defenders, press freedom, civic space, the voice of youth, and more…

The social value of our programmes

Obtaining one of our programmes, besides the particular content you request, comes with added social value for your organisation.

By participating in The Next Movement Programmes, you:

  • Tackle social issues by engaging people in the process of conceptualisation
  • Become part of a global initiative to shape, for the first time ever, a collective narrative about the future we need with a unique network of cartoonists and young people
  • Become an active contributor to enlarging civic space worldwide.
  • Become a catalyst for social change, by offering a platform for all of the above and your participating audience: our commitment to all your participants is that, when their ideas have been turned into cartoons, we will (when given permission) publish them in books and broadcast them in online and offline exhibitions around the world, attracting attention from decision-makers and communities worldwide.