Worldwide programmes

Bringing people together

Below you can find various programmes running worldwide… all of which contribute in different ways to capture the voice of youth about the future we need.

Michel Moro Gomez, Afghanistan


Cartooning the future

In honour of 100 years bilateral cooperation between Lithuania and the Netherlands, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Lithuania and TNM are inviting youth across the country to share their ideas about the future.

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Cartooning the future

Cuba hosts some of the world’s best cartoonists! There are also many talented young people who are interested in becoming a cartoonist. Together with a network of Cuban Cartoonists we are creating a youth programme which aims to empower Cuban youth and inspire their artistic endeavours.

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Alex Falcó Chang, Cuba
Ares, Cuba


Cartooning the future

This cartoon by Cuban Cartoonist Ares was created on the basis of the sketch from Mátyás Dankó, Baár-Madas Secondary School, in Hungary. Together will multiple youth organisations we will invite Hungarian youth to share their voice about the future we need!

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Journalism without fear or favour in Bangkok

In honour of the World Press Freedom Conference December 2020, the Embassy of the Netherlands in Thailand and The Next Movement curated and hosted this cartoon exhibition on press freedom and a panel discussion at the Foreign Correspondents Club (FCCT) in Bangkok.

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Jitet Kustana - Indonesia

70 years of human rights

2018 – United Nations Human Rights Office

Together with the United Nations Human Rights Office (OHCHR) and the government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, we launched a project creating cartoons about the importance of the UDHR. Out of over 500 cartoons sent in from all over the world, 30 winning cartoons were selected; one for each article of the UDHR.

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Peace and Justice

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands

Since 2014, we have worked with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands each year to promote human rights, peace, justice and security, using cartoons and our network of cartoonists.

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Emrah Arikan