The pen as a beacon of freedom - Dino - Greece
The pen as a beacon of freedom - Dino - Greece

The VJ Movement

The Next Movement is a global platform connecting more than 700 professional cartoonists with the next generations. We empower youth to share their ideas and perspectives and turn them into professional cartoons shown across the world – the basis for dialogue and a resilient society.

What we do

We create worldwide programmes:

  • where young people share their different perspectives through dialogue
  • where young people learn 21st century and global citizenship skills such as critical thinking and building resilience
  • where young people actively help to build tomorrow, by creating a global mosaic of cartoons representing their ideas about the future we need
  • where we make sure young people are heard by decision-makers globally via exhibitions, books and social media exposure
What we do


What we offer

The programmes we offer vary widely and are flexible in catering to your needs.
We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We know that different places and organisations have different needs.

Join others globally with The Next Movement

Get in touch to explore how YOU can contribute to capture the voice of youth about the future!

Are you an organisation, embassy, university, school, business, or a museum? Join us in tackling social issues via our programmes, online debate and virtual exhibitions.

A global mosaic of the voice of youth about the future

We are realising that the future is global, because the changes we seek demand a global response. The question is HOW can such a global response take place… by capturing and creating visions for the future as seen by generations globally…. via the universal language of cartoons, where one image speaks a 1000 words.

So what’s YOUR idea about the future we need? Share your idea, and experience yourself how you make the difference! Together with others worldwide, you define what’s next!

Global Mosaic
Together - Ali Rastroo, Iran

Worldwide programmes

Bringing people together

Together with our trained educators, we facilitate programmes and exhibitions that allow a real process of discovery, reflection, and the development of (new) perspectives. This helps you to activate people, create change and build bridges.

Our projects

Join us for 2021/2022

Would you like to explore the options for participating in our programmes? We are now open to receive applications for 2021/2022. We warmly invite you to get in touch to discover what’s possible!

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