We work together with the world’s best cartoon artists and a specialised team of highly qualified and experienced educators. Our educators have specialisations such as Intercultural Democratic Citizenship, Democratic Education and Development, Peace Education and Character Development.

For the purpose of enlarging impact and civic space, we assemble local teams per project together with civil society organisations (CSOs), universities and independent media/journalism platforms in the countries where we create larger youth programmes.

The Next Movement HQ

Team Lithuania

In collaboration with the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Lithuania

Team Cuba

In Cuba we work together with a group of facilitators – Frikomic – who are artists that also want to inspire and empower youth in Cuba with cartoon art.

Team Hungary

This project is an initiative of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Hungary. We work together with a diverse local team in Hungary, among which are several other embassies, youth organisations, media platforms and EU organisations.