The Power of Cartoons

Using editorial cartoons as a pedagogy to have real impactful conversations about different perspectives has been our expertise for over 10 years. We’ve worked together with numerous schools, universities, NGOs, businesses and ministries. We warmly invite you to check out our recent portfolio here to explore projects such as Peace and Justice with The United Nations.

The power of a good editorial cartoon is its capacity to display a whole dilemma in just one image. They are able to simplify hugely complex issues. Some cartoonists will focus on analysis, others on humour. Within a moment, politicians, multinationals and other forces of power are put in the spotlight. In this sense, editorial cartoons are called the checks and balances of democracy and an outlet of different worlds.

Anne Derenne - France/Spain

Developing critical competencies

The difference with photography is that it’s more than just a snapshot. An editorial cartoon represents a whole body of thought, an idea, a human value and/or an opinion. This leads to cartoons being the catalyst for conversation and dialogue.

In other words, we have come to recognise cartoons as the real starting point for developing competencies (also known as global citizenship competencies) that allow bridging difficult us/them divides. Furthermore, this process of conceptualisation, triggered by discussing cartoons, lays the groundwork for any sustainable decision-making process and can lead to positive change.

Jimmy Margulies - USA


According to the Dutch BOB-model (Beeldvorming, Oordeelsvorming, Besluitvorming), there are 3 steps towards decision-making: 1. Conceptualisation → 2. Judgement → 3. Decision-making.

Conceptualisation/Imaging represents the roots for the entire process. This is the stage of reflection, critical thinking, checking what we know, and if what we know is correct. However, despite its importance, many programmes and initiatives skip the first essential step.

This essential step of conceptualisation is at the heart of all our programmes. Together with our trained educators, we facilitate programmes and exhibitions that allow a real process of discovery, reflection and development of (new) perspectives to arise, enabling you to activate people, create change and bridge divides.

Halit Kurtulmus Aytosly - Turkey