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Video Journalists

Video journalists are multi-skilled. They film, edit and report on their own and they understand that they have a role to play in the dissemination of their stories, using the web. Our journalists look at society from within, not from an ivory tower. They crowdsource intelligence among peers, but also among their audience. The network is very diverse and covers many countries. About 150 video journalists have joined the VJ Movement. On our request our Video Journalists created a personal video profile to give you an idea about their ideas and background. 

We have selected a view profiles to give you an idea about the network. Some examples are: Cecilia Lanza (Bolivia), Eldson Chagara (Malawi), Saeed Farouky (United Kingdom/Palestine), Hera Sanchez (Philipppines), Elissa Bogos (Afghanistan).

More than 120 Video Profiles are gathered at our Youtube Channel passion4journalism.