Image for Motto: ‘There is more than one truth’

Motto: ‘There is more than one truth’

The motto is: ‘There is more than one truth’.

From experience we know that if you put a group of different journalists, from different backgrounds in the same situation, as witnesses of the same facts, they will each tell a different story with a different perspective. In our philosophy these perspectives are not wrong or right. They each add to the balance of information needed for a broader understanding of the bigger picture.

Our professional video journalists, cartoonists, graphic novelists, experts and our global audience collaborate to produce, publish and disseminate these different views.

Publishing for us, is not the end of a story, but the beginning of a whole series of stories. Each story is meant to generate dialogue among our users and contributors, leading to additional new perspectives. Every perspective we add, will contribute to a more balanced body of information.