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Bring editorial Journalism to the street!

The outdoor art exhibition in Amsterdam contains the work of Amsterdam-based comic artists and cartoonists and is shown on large sheets of canvas that are wrapped around pillars in the Kinkerstraat, a busy shopping street in the west of Amsterdam.

We have been asked to participate because Cartoon Movement is based in Amsterdam, a city has an enduring reputation for tolerance and freedom. We try to live up to that reputation by defending cartoonists who get in trouble because of their work, and by offering them a space to voice their opinion, on- and (in this case offline).

Our canvas includes cartoons by Gianfranco Uber, Rainer Ehrt, Alfredo Sabat, Dan Carino, Sergei Tunin, SvitalskyBros, Tomas, Talal Nayer,Omar Turcios, Stephanie McMillan, Payam Boromand, Sunnerberg Constantin, Tjeerd Royaards, Steve Greenberg, Elchicotriste, Jean Gouders, Alfredo Martirena and Giacomo Cardelli.

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