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The Kashmir Conflict

The Kashmir conflict is a territorial conflict primarily between India and Pakistan, started just after the partition of India in 1947.  The root of conflict between the Kashmiri insurgents and the Indian Government is tied to a dispute over local autonomy.

In 2010 unrest erupted after alleged fake encounter of local youth by security force. Thousands of youths pelted security forces with rocks, burned government offices and attacked railway stations and official vehicles in steadily intensifying violence. The Indian government blamed separatists and Lashkar-e-Taiba, a Pakistan-based militant group for stoking the 2010 protests. A VJM video serie gives you insides about the conflict.

The cartoon is named Pakistan by Marilena Nardi. It’s shows that terror strikes again in the Iqbal Park, Lahore on the 27th of March 2016. If you want to see more cartoons about terrorism, visit our collection at Cartoon Movement