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VJ Movement Foundation

The traditional role of journalism is to inform society and to hold leaders accountable for their policies. At VJM Foundation we strongly believe that this role can and should be expanded.

We aim to go beyond pointing out the wrongs, in addition to that we want to create and support journalism that contributes to positive change. Through rapidly developing new technology, collaborations with experts, new ways of storytelling and alternative organizational setups, VJM Foundation intends to create movements in society that persuade leaders to implement policies that actually solve issues and improve lives.

The Foundation has a supervisory board of 3 board members. With an extensive knowledge in the fields of journalism, innovation, human rights, finance, fundraising and academia.

VJM Foundation is founded in 2009 by Thomas Loudon and Arend Jan van den Beld, both directors of the foundation. It was designated a Public Benefit Organization (ANBI) by the Dutch tax authorities.